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School of Marine Science, a unique institution of its kind in the country was established in 1938 as Department of Marine Biology and Fisheries under the erstwhile Travancore University to cater Marine Science education and research at national levels. The school is presently part of Cochin University of Science and Technology. The School consists of five departments in each discipline of marine science such as atmospheric Sciences, chemical Oceanography, physical oceanography, marine geology and geophysics and marine biology. The School is now celebrating its 80th year of existence.
Director's Message

Welcome to School of Marine Sciences, CUSAT. The unique feature of Earth within the planet system is its waterbody. The sea water which contains all chemical elements, is a mistry and provide life for millions of organisms. The life on Earth exists because of this waterbody and the atmosphere that envelops the planet. The sea and the atmosphere influence the weather and climate of Earth. Hence the study of ocean and the atmosphere is an important subject today.

80th Year Celebration

School of Marine Science is celebrating its 80th year. The celebration extends for one year with several activities such as intived talks, seminar, symposium etc and ends with an international conference in December 2019. Read More

Recent Activities
National Seminar on Aquatic Chemistry during March 21-23, 2019 at School of Marine Sciences, CUSAT.
National Symposium on Atmospheric Dynamics
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Forthcoming Events
Dec 2019
International Conference in Marine Science